Who We Are

VOCALIS, the first Singapore satirical publication (that we know of) with a decent looking website.

We are not the news. Believing us is like believing Najib Razak did not know about the money in his bank account or that Anwar will actually be the next prime minister.

Using our articles to support your beliefs and quoting them as facts is like claiming that homosexuality is not allowed because a book said so. Its OK to have your own opinions, but are you really sure that is how you want justify it?

Any similarities to actual people, events and pets are purely coincidental.

Through our website, we aim to deliver a signature brand of concise, objective noninformation and drivel to readers, wherever and whoever they may be.

As our tagline goes, we are here to produce (in)accurate news that fit your narrative.

So sit back, scroll through and let this echo chamber do the rest of the work.

For collaboration or business inquiries, kindly email us at admin.vocalisonline.com

Disclaimer: VOCALIS is a strictly satirical news platform. Members of the organisation take any form of falsehood and fake news manipulation very seriously and will not tolerate its misuse. We formally declare that all articles shared on this platform, without discrepancy or in its nuances, is in actuality FALSE. This disclaimer shall serve as the official statement of account should future complications arise.

Should any news posted on this platform come across as offensive or uncomfortable, we humbly request that you drop us an email for further corrective discussions.